July 24, 2024

Happily Ever After: But not the stereotype one!

Happily Ever After: But not the stereotype one!

To hold on one last time or to get over it- the one conflict that every heart and brain has met with, and yes definitely for more than once. It is easy to fall for someone, it is easy to start loving someone but, staying in love with that someone is not so easy always. The cliché vows are easier made than kept. It is not always about who is at fault because at times none is at fault- it might be the fast-paced lifestyles that take a toll on our relationships.

Ambitions are not to be given up on but your egos are. A normal human psyche always lingers on the things that are likely to be lost while accepting your loss, regardless of who is at fault, seldom comes with spontaneity. The incurable longing to try one last time needs to be dealt with a mature approach- though it is not always about giving up on your loved ones yet we cannot shut our eyes to what a situation demands.


The ‘one-love’ concept has somehow remained confined to the translucent pages of novels while the layers of human psyche have always recovered breeches in it. There is always a different reaction observed to a breech in relationships from different age groups. Though mostly it seems to be the same ‘butterflies in my stomach’ feeling when you fall for someone yet you would discover a different ‘you’ through the same phases of every other relationship. Behind the vague sketch of ‘love’ it is actually the comfort zone shared by two people for a time being which seem to be eternal.


Even though ‘life is short’ and ‘live in the moments’ things do keep rolling in our minds. Of course, the initial circumstances are not there to stay, and at times all you need to do is just let go and take a step back and sleep it over. Whether you were not good enough or how you could mend it up are not as worth your while as knowing that you are more special than ‘love’.

You can always drop one more text or call another time but in all these, losing yourself the ‘you’ whom your partner had fallen for is what needs to be checked upon. It is important to understand that while breaking all the stereotypes you need to be your own ‘happily ever-after’ first and then someone else’s.

Post break-up mood swings

Once the trouble-shooting phase between mind and matter is done with, things can either get too slowed down or you end up in a happening social life. Regardless of the fact that your brain always is the first one when it comes to acceptance, the hurt and vulnerable ego in you can never let it go all at once and ends up in depression. At times, it all seems to be so good and free while at times even a little thing can be enraging enough. Chocolates and shopping or drowning in the ‘beer-pitchers’ can cover it up for you only for a little while.


The realistic approach to deal with break-ups calls for prioritizing your individuality at the top of your list. Getting into a happening enough social life so as to keep the cloud of thoughts from dwelling into your mind can be helpful but only for the time being. Sit back and just let it be. You do not always need the dramatic solitary confinement in the best of nature’s lap instead a view of the horizons from your terrace or even a view of the innumerable vehicles lined up on the all-lit highway or your favourite couch in your living room can do it for you. Mould yourself with the feeling that you cannot change anything else but you. Be yourself and grow every moment with acceptance.

Vulnerable, sad, irritated-whatever it is…it is always wiser to face it all and grow content with your individuality. Though heartbreaks are not easy to deal with yet living for yourself with all that love indulging you is definitely worth your while!

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